Hard Bed Hotel and South of Centre booksLatin American stories that unfold in unusual circumstances: Chilean deserts and cemeteries offer stranger truth than fiction.

Grounds for twisted tales of South American passion, humour and eccentricities, Andrea Carter’s books fill you up, tickle, tease, burn, and finally push you to the end, all the while hoping the end will never come. Fiction about irregular relationships spawn unconventional love stories that are alive with cultural oddities and underlying questions about destiny, universal justice and life beyond. Humour and oddball characters lead you through unique situations to unexpected endings.

Sprinkled with magic realism, these novels are unique adventures through small desert communities and sprawling South American cities with their old cemeteries (always at the fringes of everyday life in South America), superstitions, intriguing burial customs and of course tragicomedy. Don’t miss this opportunity to read stories born out of a passion for the South American experience.