Andrea-Carter-photoAndrea Carter began writing fiction in earnest after she and her Chilean-born husband moved to Santiago in 1999. You could say she’s a late bloomer. As a child in northern British Columbia she broke into a neighbour’s house just to play with their typewriter. That should have been a sign. But she ignored it, grew up, raised four children and launched a career as a freelance illustrator/graphic designer, which expanded to include writing character profiles for newsletters and introductions to cookbooks. She got more serious about writing when she was hired as editor/production manager of a lifestyle magazine in Spain. She and her husband moved around between Bolivia, Chile and Spain for more than 12 years before returning to Canada for ‘a pause in the game.’

Inspired by life in South America, she has written two novels full of Chilean cultural oddities, humour and intriguing traditions.  Drawing on interviews and encounters with extraordinary people such as cemetery caretakers and freelance car parkers; using anecdotes from Chilean families, ghost stories and other local myths, her novels are centred around unusual characters who are driven by unconventional relationships. 

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