Cover image for Hard Bed Hotel…and ASTRID FINDS HER NICHE

“Hard Bed Hotel is a hilarious book, the kind that sets you laughing aloud to yourself long after you’ve put it down…. if you can put in down, once the plot starts careening towards its unexpected dénouement…”  Read more…

When a major earthquake in Santiago, Chile heaves a washed-up Latino rock star into the path of a cemetery caretaker she falls head over heels with his ghost while he is helplessly attracted to her cigarettes.

After the quake leaves him homeless, Juan Bonifacio (aka Jhonny Pretty, irresistible blue-eyed 70s singing idol) sets up new digs in the family mausoleum. Astrid de las Nieves is convinced that Jhonny’s ghostly condition renders him incapable of promiscuity and heart all aflutter, she decides a relationship is not only her dream come true, it’s their shared destiny.

The thin line between the living and the dead is blurred in this twisted Latin tale where nothing is as it seems – rock star come ghostly indigent; pickpocket come tourism executive; shop owner come purveyor of the saints, con artist come plastic surgeon; meddling ghost come guardian angel. Everything goes wrong – but maybe it’s right – as heaven and earth settle into an unexpected juxtaposition.

Hard Bed Hotel is a bizarre love story full of humour, accident and well-meaning souls. It exposes the everyday oddities and superstitions of Santiago’s less affluent neighbourhoods, in particular the General Cemetery, a perfect breeding ground for  unconventional relationships.

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